In football, a team can get ahead in different ways: by having a good structure versus their opponent, by having more players in an area, or by creating and occupying spaces. It is very important for coaches to know how to do this. In this class, we will teach you how to use space well, how to generate advantages for your team, and show you examples from different teams. This way, you can use these ideas for your own team.





As a team you can generate collective advantages through different ways: positional advantage through the team structure, numerical or by creating spaces. It is important that coaches master the necessary tools to generate those advantages. In this webinar, we will show you how to manage the spaces where we can create advantages, different mechanisms to generate those advantages, examples of different systems and teams so that you can apply those ideas to your team.


  • Differences between positional, numerical and space advantages

  • How to manage the space in which we want to create advantages for your team.

  • Different tools and mechanisms to help your team generate the advantages.

  • Examples from different teams and systems, so you can use these ideas with your team.

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