Learn the most important perception concepts that players need to master depending on which position they occupy on the pitch. In this webinar, you are going to learn some key ideas to improve perception skills in your players. These ideas, are going to be detailed based on which type of situations players usually face during matches depending on their position. In other words, a striker probably doesn’t need to ‘look’ the same way as a central midfielder does. In this webinar, we are going to explain these differences and help you understand how to help your players learn them.





Learn the key perception elements by position that you players need to master in the offensive phase, based on their role in the pitch. As a coach, you must help your players identify situations and make the best decision in each scenario. Although there are general perception concepts that all players must master, each position in the field has their own specific perception concepts that we as coaches must teach them. In this webinar, we will see the most important ideas for strikers, wingers, advanced midfielders and holding midfielders in attack to help them in their development and to elevate their performance on the field.


  • Differences between perception training in Initiation and Specialization stages

  • Detailed explanation of different perception concepts in attack to improve player performance

  • For each position – striker, winger, advanced midfielder and holding midfielder – which are the most important perceptions skills they must master

  • Examples and training exercises you can use as a coach to help your players improve their scanning skills

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